Windscreen for GT40

Trevor Booth

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The numbers on your screen are approval numbers not part numbers. The E11 indicates that it was tested by some testing authority in the UK , 43R is the regulation (ECE) and 00075 is the approval number. The DOT17 and the M471 are manufacturers identification marking. The DOT being US Department of Transport. The AS1 indicates approval to American Standard (ANSI Z26.1) sect 1.
You may be able to trace the manufacturer by contacting the United Nations being the regulator for ECE regulations and or in the US the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Try theses sites for ECE
It is probable that you will trace the manuf via NHTSA easier than via ECE

Ian Anderson

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Many thanks for the info.

So would there be a part number or manufacturers mark somewhere on a windscreen or is this not normally done.

If there is normally a mark where and what am I looking for?

This started as I thought I was helping and turned into a learning curve!

Any input greatly appreciated


Trevor Booth

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The DOT 17 and the M471 are the manuf marking. Quoting these numbers to US DOT and they will advise to whom they belong. The numbers are issued to the manuf by DOT.
The TRIPLEX from memory is a trade mark/brand of a Uk manufacturer.
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I send photos of my number they myself through a friend - gt40freak got.
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