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  • Hi Nick! I plan on ordering a GTForte chassis from Darren in the future. I am currently building a 1966 289 sbf for that chassis. I would like to weld up the headers while I'm waiting for other parts to arrive. Are there any measurements that I should have to keep me from running exhaust piping into the chassis? Or can I just wrap the piping around the back of the engine into 4 to 1 collectors? Thanks for your time.
    Hi Nick, somehow I cannot find your message about Darrens rear willwood brakes.
    My email: [email protected]

    I'm still missing my rear uprights and the correct adaptorplates for 6 piston front caliper wilwood.

    And having issues with balance for flywheel, and retapping m12 to connect frf 01e gearbox to adaptor plate. Going forwards though.
    How about you?

    6 speed. Yes if you have a traditional H pattern with 1st at top left then reverse is full left and up. At the gearbox end, the selector shaft goes fully in and then turn to select reverse
    Hi Nick.

    Are you open to visitors yet? You wanted to clear the garage up first.

    Don't know if you read on my build log, I fired the engine up a few weekends ago, it running lovely but I need to fill the Jerry can up again!!!!!

    Thinking of treating myself to a tig welder to do all the little jobs myself that I have been waiting for my mate to do.

    Speak to you soon,


    Re Stoneleigh
    If going in a normal daily driver they park you in a field to one side of the display cars and will charge you about £10 for entry

    If you drive in a kit car they let driver in free and passenger pays.

    Going to go to Goodwood for supercar Sunday, always a good morning out. Stoneleigh is a bit to far for me, would never get permission for that one.... ;o)

    Your build is looking great and flying along, I best pull my finger out!
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