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  • Hey doc- hope all is well. I have been scheming on my oil set up and I unpacked the accusing. Do you by chance have the second mounting bracket? If not, I'll get one ordered. Hope spring is going well... Thanks

    Mine cost $44,000 deluxe kit, $6800 for giant Brembos, $1680 for carbon fiber wing option, $$$ electric/hydraulic lift kit, $$$sway bars, $10,000 LS7 crate engine, $780 accessories, $9500 modified Porsche G50.50 with LSD and oil cooling, $2800 comp clutch/flywheel. I'll probably put on a different dry sump pan, camshaft, etc. to the engine. That's $75,560 so far. BUT, look at the added goodies! (Maybe I should add the cost of insulating my shop and buying that AC unit...LOL).
    You might be right on the total cost for the "turnkey" version. But bear in mind that Fran would be charging some labor/shop costs (I provide my own cheap labor!!). FYI, Ernie has his SL-C for sale (pretty much track ready and complete, drivable, etc) and has asked $110,000 I believe. Breathless Performance Products. Ernie is building completed cars, at least that's his goal. So he's adding his labor into the cost as well.
    Really? I thought I just read that it cost him $92k out the door with all options. Still kind of pricey compared to the FFR GTM. I was thinking it would be only around $60k for a decent build. The site shows it to be around $42k for the basic kit and I have no clue how he ended up with double the price. Now the FFR GTM and the $20k price isn't looking so shabby after all LOL.
    O' man that is a smokin good deal. I am thinking about it on spec alone. I can't believe noone has hit the buy it now.

    Trying to save up for the kit currently after buying the LS7 and G50/50! I'm about 1/2 way there. The template idea is a good one and one I'll pursue. BTW, is there an assembly manual/disc with the vehicle? I've never seen mention of one...

    Timing out is often a "security" setting for the internet browser on your computer. Check with a local computer geek with a curbside consultation and he/she can probably help you reset security to work.


    I don't know how this friends thing works! I am much better on the phone or by direct email. My computer does not get along too well with this forum, for some reason it rejects half my posts (times out).

    One bit of stong advice for those picking up an SLC is GET THE BUILD TEMPLATES DELIVERED WITH THE CAR. Templates are used to locate the WS wiper pivot and the lower door hinges. It took me about a month to get mine and.....come to think of it, I still dont have them.

    How do I copy Jack with this info?

    Hi Jack,

    I'm envious!! Still need to save some cash before ordering mine. But, it will be black as well (De Rigor for the SL-C I guess). Looking into "wraps" for body graphics. I'll be picking up the extra G50/50 parts in the next couple of weeks from Erik. I have just sold my 18x13 CCW/335 Hoosiers and 18x10/305 Hoosiers from my Viper GTS/ACR. Too bad the 6-bolt hubs can't be adapted or I would have used them! But I'll go with 345's in the rear for the SL-C anyway. What interior did you choose?

    Keep us up to date with photos!!!!


    Doc Kaler, aka CANTDRIVE55
    Hi Doc, Should receive my SL-C on Tuesday! Very excited. Thought we fellow SL-C owners should stay connected. Modified LS1/930LSD
    Black w/CCW wide wheels & tires. Should be a reasonable fast build.
    Jack Molleur
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