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    Full CAD Model- 5.0 Coyote Engine

    The full model is there. Play with your STEP import options- the cylinder heads don't like to come in as anything other than construction surfaces.
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    It's Official - New GT

    Well, the last GT was famous for being an incredible performance bargain, and leveraged existing drivetrain programs, just as this current one will do. Combine that with the fact the GT350R just debuted production carbon fiber wheels, and the GT350 debuted large carbon pieces such as...
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    It's Official - New GT

    It was heavily rumored DI would be's anyone's guess why it didn't appear. As far as the Ecoboost in the GT....unless the packaging was really so tight as to only allow the shorter V6 block, the only arguments I can see for Ecoboost power are: 1. Find a sweet spot in racing...
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    It's Official - New GT

    While I am quite upset at the fact they passed over the brilliant Voodoo in favor of a freaking V6 Ecoboost, the car looks absolutely stunning. There's a no sound video walkthrough of the car, and I cannot get enough of the styling details.
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    New GT?

    Ford Is Bringing 'Phoenix' And 'Hummingbird' To Detroit. What Are They? Unless this is a revival of the Thunderbird, 'Phoenix' should be our new GT concept!!!
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    Old Tornado- Bringing Back to Life

    I got a little sidetracked this fall- picked up a '69 Cougar and have been bringing it to local autocross events, and then tore it apart for a proper paint job when it got cold. I gave up on making the hanging Wilwood pedals work and am going to be using Tilton floor mounts. This is going to...
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    Hi Kent, I sent you an email to the address you left on my page a few days ago. Did you get it?

    Hi Kent, I sent you an email to the address you left on my page a few days ago. Did you get it?
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    Tow Hook in the nose

    I guess I've been overthinking it to some extent. I've had this image in my head of the aluminum nose structure immediately being racked to the side by a momentary slack-and-tug scenario. Thanks for all of you who posted pictures.
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    Tow Hook in the nose

    I was wondering what solutions people had for mounting a tow hook in the nose of the car somewhere, and still allowing the nose to come off/on. I'm especially curious what those of you with RCR cars do, since the nose structure is just bent aluminum sheet to hold the radiator and the front clip...
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    New GT?

    The last GT short run had nothing to do with fuel economy requirements, and an 07 GT500 is not indicative of fuel economy today. There's no burning need to ecoboost a new GT to add a green eco leaf to someone's product portfolio- the V8's are plenty efficient as-is.
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    GT90 from ground up

    !!!!!! Is RCR its temporary or forever home?
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    New GT?

    Hybrid technology is much more expensive to add to a car per horsepower than NA or supercharged/turbocharged power. Coupled with a weight penalty that never really goes away no matter how exotic your other materials are, and the new need for millions of lines of code to handle those two electric...
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    New GT?

    Why would you worry about what the 'market' is doing? This car wouldn't be positioned against Mazda sedans. The 5.2 FPC Voodoo was just revealed by Ford, making over 500 NA horsepower...but you want a V6 and turbos? BLEGH! Go buy an Audi! And it's not like the fuel economy gap is massive...I...
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    GT40 Part CAD Models

    Ryan, what model on GrabCAD, (It isn't one of mine,) and what Wilwood part number are you referring to?
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    News on the new Shelby / 5.2 Flat Plane Ford V8

    The sheer amount of ECU maps you have to get into for the variable valve timing is daunting. I believe the blurb from Ford drivetrain team for the regular Mustang GT was that the new variable geometry intake added something like 9 new maps alone. Variable valve timing instantly puts tuning...