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  • Hi Dave, I'm in the process to register my car here in So Cal, where do you recommend I go to get my sb100?
    I really appreciate any help you can provide
    Hi David, Saw your post on the upgraded CV axles for CAV cars. How can I get a set of these for my car? Thanks
    I am building a pre 100 car like your silver CAV and I have some questions. First when you converted away from the vacumm brake booster to the Tilton assy I would very much like to know all the parts you used for this conversion.
    Also I have an RBT transaxle with the CAV bell housing. And Loyd at RBT suggested I use the Kennedy bell housing as it is 1/2" deeper and will accept the clutch better. What do you think? And last I need help in locating a clutch slave cylinder that will connect to the fitting supplied on the car.
    If you could please help with these questions it would be a great help to me!!
    Thank You! Ken J
    Hey. Have I missed anything exciting? The phones are off right now so I can't call you but you can call me. Today I'm off work so I'm changing the wheel bearings in the f-250 and the oil in the element. I'm gonna fix some exhaust leaks in the f-250 also. I rebuild the carb on the f-250 a couple days ago. It was rebuilt fairly recently but they didn't adjust anything but the idle screw. i adjusted the float and idle mixture screws and it runs way better now which is cool because I found a guy who wants to trade me the two barrel for a holley 600 single feed side pivot float with vaccuum secondaries and electric choke. The only bad thing is it needs rebuilt and I have to find a four barrel intake for my 351.
    The job front is looking up. Tabby got a job workin at Toy-R-Us. She's a night stocker. Works from 10:00 at night to 6:00 in the morning. Gonna be kinda rough but we'll make it happen:)
    David how is the install going. Do you have some pictures of your water pump installation? I'm about to order a clutch and was wondering what clutch you used so I'll be sure the spacing works with the throwout bearing you sold me. Thing are moving along and should be ordering an engine this week (maybe) so many options. It was great to meet you. For me it would be hard not to put the Indy engine in the GT40 although the Indy car is such a great project, wish I was there to help.
    Hi David
    I saw your avitar on the forum. Is that yopur car? If so do you think I could get some high res. shots of it for a possible oil painting?
    Best wishes
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