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  • Hi Darrell,

    Bob here from Brisbane, I really like the look of the round headlights, the whole car is stunning, would you mid telling me where you got the lights from.

    Darrell, mate can you get in touch i have a heap of questions, and maybe some good news for you
    my new ph no. is 07-54792018
    cheers John
    darrell hi unfortunatly i had to sell the WSC to a guy in Taupo. I'm now on the sunny coast at Mudjimba, feel free to give me a ring 7-54506686 and i will endeavour to answer any questions you may have
    cheers john
    Keron thanks for the mail, my car should be registered tomorrow the 8th January. I will be posting some pics on the DRB part of the forum very soon. I have not made crossover exhaust but have kept the style similar to DRB, I could not run crossovers(dont like the sound of them anyway) with my LS1 as the manifold has been turned 180 degrees and the air filter sits between the convertors this will be clearer when I post pics.
    I am happy to share any information that may help you with your build, as far as I know my car will be the 1st DRB with GEN 3 engine, I am very happy with the way the instalation went, and the performance of the car. Feel free to ask for any details and I will do my best to help.
    hi Im Keron from WA
    Imdoing a DRB 40 and with a ls2 Mtr Hows your build going im at the exhaust stage do you have any pic of yours ,im just looking at what the cross over might be? ive got chassis #74 and hoping to lic it net year.Cheers
    Darrell, mate you dont go from a 40 to a Clubman, usualy the other way around, i have just sold my clubman and have progressed to the WRC as a 40 although a life time dream will have to wait just a we bit longer.
    as for building it as a road track car, why not. apart from puting some extra thought here and there it could be built as a road car quite easily, the chassis itself is imensly strong and ridged.
    what sort of details would you like, as just about every thing about the car can be seen on the web site
    stryka_01/Stanton WRC-95 - Page 1 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    plus i have every concievable component, including original body profiles on CAD, if you are genuinly interested feel free to e mail me and we can discuss it at more length, or if your on Skype give me a ring. look me up under John Steiner
    cheers John
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