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    Best Top Gear ever?

    Hi Guys, You can download the videos from Top Gear here Hope you have a good link, they are 363mb! cheers Dave
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    Why I Sold My GTD

    Gee Gordy,I was waiting for this one!! I even had the wallpaper.. You may as well have it now.. Have fun
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    Driving lights & indicators.

    Hi Paul, I used the Lucas L488/471 indicator lamp. I found Vintage Motor Spares in the UK( cheaper than Europa for Lucas parts. cheers Dave
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    VDO gauges

    Hi Peter, many thanks for the info and the tip re speedo.I would have stumbled on the same problem eventually! cheers
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    VDO gauges

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know if a voltage stabiliser (12v Zener Diode) is required for the supply to VDO Cockpit Vision gauges (apart from Volts gauge)or do they have inbuilt regulation. All the schematics for the gauges show them wired direct to "ignition" without this Zener.I know some cars do...
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    Pics - David Piper's races at Zwartkops, Pretoria.

    Re: Pics - David Piper\'s races at Zwartkops, Pretoria. Hi Pierre, Welcome to the forum. This Gulf Replica belongs to John Botha and is for sale at 200k plus Rand (don't know exact price). It has "coil over" suspension designed by John which is very similar to the original suspension.If fact...
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    Help needed on aircon wiring

    Hi Guys, I have an aircon kit the same manufacturer as per the one fitted to the CAV cars.I have a harness diagram but the connections as to which wire goes where is not available as CAV supply the switches and indicators when the kit is fitted at the factory. Much of the wiring I have sorted...
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    Why are there two P1009's ??

    Re: Why are there two P1009\'s ?? Question for Andre, I have heard recently that although the ex Malcolm Guthrie P1009 was sold off in the US in exchange for P1012 back in the late 70's , it is back in South Africa and is just up the road from you in Gordon's Bay. Do you have any news to tell...
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    Mechanical speedo, electronic sender???

    Hi Lee, Here is one for $150.. cheers Dave
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    Hi Steve, I think this may be Papaya Orange (is also called Mclaren Orange). It was used by Bruce Mclaren for all his Can-AM cars of the 67-70 series. Is was also the colour of the first Mclaren mod'ed Mustang in the 80's.Check out any pic on the web of a Mclaren F1 Lemans to see how close it is...
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    Jimmy Price of Hi-Tech Automotive & Superformance

    Ron, I agree !!. Just ponder this scenario and a lot of the issues become very clear.In January 2002, 60,000US was 720,000 Rand (Sa currency), in January 2003 this was 510,000 Rand. Now, in January 2004 it is 394,000 Rand. Inflation in SA was up around 18% in 2002 and down around 10% in 2003...
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    New Superformance Coupe Fixed pics !

    and another
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    New Superformance Coupe Fixed pics !

    try again
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    New Superformance Coupe Fixed pics !

    interior, Wonder what the radar/laser unit is for???
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    New Superformance Coupe Fixed pics !

    Hi Guys, Couple of more pics from the first export model. Taken at Zwartkops raceway early 2003 cheers Dave