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    in car video friday night track time on classic le mans

    here's a quick in car video, enjoy!
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    GT40 Bruntingthorpe

    Had a photoshoot at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground with Ross Dukes rossjukes | photographyRoss Jukes Automotive Photography - Portfolio Check out the making of video on his facebook page. Had a really good photoshoot and even let my 17year old daughter...
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    Classic Car Show, NEC, November

    hi all, back from my road trip around the USA i feel i need to put things straight on the forum regarding the 917 wich was offered to be put on our stand. after two hours of thinking i got darren to accept the 917 on our stand, didnt take long! i had our stand extended at the NEC show to...
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    Classic Car Show, NEC, November

    martin, yes I agree with you, it would be great to have grahams 917 on the stand at the NEC, and graham thankyou for your most kind offer, I would love to see your car on our stand, I need some feedback from the gt40 enthusiasts club members so can people please starting posting some opinions...
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    Classic Car Show, NEC, November

    come on guys, we still need more cars for the classic car show at the NEC. please comtact me, or darren, regards dick
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    chris cole mach1transmition:update

    hi all, had a phonecall from rob bloome today, telling me that chris cole has had to go into hospital unexpectedly for a heart valve operation. anybody who is trying to contact him RE:gearbox's, please refrain from contacting him for a week or so, he will get back to you as soon as possible. but...
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    GT40 to be honoured at 2013 Goodwood Revival

    hi paul, happy new year, i dont remember any lotus's passing john brindley at the gt club AGM track day at donnington 2011, possibly the driver has something to do with it. regards, dick :-)
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    classic motor show 2012

    yes that is my car, now has been on the road for 24 years, i must say i missed outon my last post a BIG thankyou to paul brameld, too busy taking the rise out of him, and forgot to post his name! once again thankyou for posting a picture of my car, come on guys lets have some more photos...
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    classic motor show 2012

    we had a fantastic classic car show this weekend, id just like to send my thanks to michael, for his immaculate CAV gulf GT40, also like to thank chris, for his superb silver mark 3, steve for his absolutely spotless MDA mark 1, and last but not least dave for his spectacular RCR mark 2. it was...
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    Eric Smith RIP

    hi brian, sorry to hear about erics passing, he was a real gentleman, i always remember visiting one summers day and we shared figs from a fig tree he had growing it his garden. it was always a pleasure to talk with him. a real GT40 fanatic its a shame he never got to finishing his car. a sad...
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    classic motor show 2012

    hi all, the classic motor show 2012 is on november the 16th, 17th and 18th. the set up day is on the 15th of november, i am looking for GT40's to exhibit on the stand. if you are interested in exhibiting your car, please contact me, each owner of cars exhibited will be given two free passes to...
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    Le Mans Classic Club parking pics

    hi, to everyone who attended.Did anyone find or rec a pair of prescription sunglasses,at the sign on briefing? as, Yan Tinman left them and was told someone in the club had got them,If anyone knows there whereabouts contact me at [email protected] regards,Dick
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    classic le mans track time last call!

    okay guys, we are all set to head down to the classic le mans this week hope you all have a safe journey, it looks like we might be out on the track as its getting dark and the weather reports are not looking good, rainy most of friday, so i think our track time will be like travelling on the...
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    classic le mans track time last call!

    sorry for the late reply
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    classic le mans track time last call!

    andrew... obviously i cannot persuade him on the choice to decide wether to join the 289 club ot the gt40 enthusiasts club, but if he is a member of the gt40 club i cannot see why i should not except his car on the track with us at le mans. so its his choice! i think bill would except him and...