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    917 building manual ?

    Hi Udo, Icon Engineering is building a nice 917 replica (based on RCR body parts)
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    Feedback from RCR ?

    Hi all, I'm in touch with Vicki and Kristin. the rear section is back from painting. the assembly will start next week....:p
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    Feedback from RCR ?

    I all, I'm trying to get information about my order since 2 weeks. My 917 should have been ready, but I didn't success to get any information. I've placed an order early July, I was hoping to get my car under the Christmas tree.. (not possible anymore with oversea shipping) Since nobody is...
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    917 building manual ?

    It's an aluminum cocpkit, with a rear tube section.
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    917 building manual ?

    4 years, I hope it would not be so long for me...
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    917 building manual ?

    Hi Alex, I took this picture on RCR website. mine will be delivered white with black rear frame. almost like yours, but in a kit form. I will put a race prep Porsche 3.6L. I hope to put pictures of my own 917 soon....
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    917 building manual ?

    Hi all, I have placed an order to Fran last month for a mono 917... I hope to get the kit ready by October... the car will hit the French track in 2019 (hope so). I'm close to Le Mans (100 miles) not so far were the history started.... by the way, I will be on vacation for the next 3 weeks and...
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    My 917/10 is ALIVE!

    Great news. You are close to the end
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    917 rcr

    Yes, luggage..... It was mandatory as well as a spare wheel to be able to race in "Sport" categorie.... and then to be able to have a 5.0L engine. But I do agree, the size is ridiculous.... how to deal with rules.....Porsche is a specialist... (like the GT1, and the last mid engine 991 RSR)
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    917 rcr

    Hello guys, Yes I know it's an old thing, and everybody here are only interested in SLC....(or maybe GT40...) I have few questions: - does anyone have done some track test with the RCR917 ? any track report ? - on previous version (RCR old websaite) there was some front and rear...
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    The Spa "Six Hour" race meeting

    It seems that it was not a good week end for Graham. As I can see from race results.... qualifying time was very slow. (technical issue ?, Rain ?, both ?) and he must retired at the beginning of the race. I hope it's not due to an accident. will wait until more detail from graham...
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    A La Lanterne!

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    Apologies to our French Friends. An Americans Guide to France..

    Very accurate description..... That's the reason why i'm proud to be french !!! :laugh: Superman, Spiderman, Batman are bullshit !!! the real superheros is SUPERDUPOND !!!
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    Porsche 906 parts

    Hello Olivier, you can try Bongarini Limited (if not already known) présentation entreprise he has worked on many bodyworks (GT40, Cobra,...) his craftmanship his really good. maybe ha can help you to find a 906 bodywork or to rework on a non accurate one.
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    Massacre in Paris...

    YES !!!!! Charlie est vengé !!!! - Damartin en Goël, GIGN Assault : 2 terrorists KILLED !!! 1 Hostage free without injury - Paris, RAID Assault : 1 terrorist neutralized !!! 10 Hostages free without injury 2 RAID team member injured.