Feedback from RCR ?

I all,
I'm trying to get information about my order since 2 weeks.
My 917 should have been ready, but I didn't success to get any information.
I've placed an order early July, I was hoping to get my car under the Christmas tree.. (not possible anymore with oversea shipping)

Since nobody is answering my message, I'm a little bit confused..

Is there something wrong at RCR, or they are too busy ?

Joel K

Nothing wrong Thierry, I would suggest calling them vs. emailing. Vicki normally picks up and can give you an estimate. From what I’ve read on the forum they had a large order of movie cars over the summer and that pushed the schedule back for many orders. My car is shipping this Friday so they are working on cars and getting them out the door. Looking forward to seeing your 917.
Fran hasn't returned my phone calls and emails for two months, Vicki has returned only two. I have a mkii being made.....they sure returned my messages before I gave them a pile of money. I just wanted some progress photos and info on the RBT I bought from him.
My experience wasn't too different than Larry Taylor during the purchase process of my kit sadly. Took weeks, sometimes months to even get a call back or email back.

I'm mid build now, and the quality of the actual kit seems reasonably good. I'm hoping the rest of the build goes smoothly and I can look past the first 12 months or so of dealing with RCR to get my kit and parts.
It's been hard to reach Fran and Vicki recently. I did end up catching her early in the am (9am) about a week ago and scheduled an appointment with Fran (I'm local and can visit the shop). I met with Fran today and he apologized. He's been quite busy and with xmas it was even busier. I would suggest calling Vicki in the AM and scheduling a time to talk with Fran since you aren't local.
Hi all,
I'm in touch with Vicki and Kristin. the rear section is back from painting. the assembly will start next week....:p