917 building manual ?

Hi all,
I have placed an order to Fran last month for a mono 917... I hope to get the kit ready by October...
the car will hit the French track in 2019 (hope so). I'm close to Le Mans (100 miles) not so far were the history started....

by the way, I will be on vacation for the next 3 weeks and it would be nice to be able to study the building manual...
I have already asked Vicki and the webmaster of RCR, but I didn't get any answer.
does anyone of you have this document to share with me ? (via email or download)

Hi Alex,
I took this picture on RCR website.
mine will be delivered white with black rear frame. almost like yours, but in a kit form.
I will put a race prep Porsche 3.6L.
I hope to put pictures of my own 917 soon....


Mortified GT
Hi Thierry, just curious as I'm building one in the UK, not RCR though. Is yours full tube chassis or ally center section?