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  • Hi,
    firstly how did you loose such a critical part??
    As I built in a EPAS system on my '40, the coupler between the column and the steering rack in unique.
    I would look for a Ford Cortina IV steering column and then modify it suit the bottom of the Tornado steering column. One for sale here:
    *Brand New* Ford Cortina MK3/4/5 Manual Steering Rack | eBay
    Hope this helps
    Excuse me David, I have the seats sended by Tornado, whats your offer, a new ones, my be better?
    Let me know if you need any help on seats. Mine are in two parts and need a base to be fabricated in the car (very easy) but the people who made them (two - a steel fabricator and an upholsterer) are still in business.
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