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  • Hi John,
    Happy New Year too. Excellant new on getting your car driven out of the garage. What wheels did you go for in the end? Also which website should I look at for your dash. I'm about to get a friends dash covers in alcantara, which should be an interesting comparision
    Mine's in the workshop for a few minor jobs. we have a trip to the Spa Classic in May with 3 GT40's which should be good fun
    Keep up the good work
    Hi Andy m8 .. Happy new year to you m8 . Hope you had a good Christmas ... The 40 is progressing . Drove it out of the garage for the 1st time a while back , Really pleased . My seats arrived the other day . From Intatrim Black leather main shell and grey alcantara seat centre chrome rings .. Dash has been dipped in grey carbon fibre . very pleased how it looks . Take a look on there site and you will see them .
    Hope you are all well . Take care John...
    Hi Andy m8 .... I hope I find you well ..... the 40 is still coming on I'm pleased to say ... have put an order in for the gear box ... Exhaust system ...... gear shift assy .... I am going to look at wheels very soon ... the info I'm after on the wheels is can you give me the offsets please ... I am not getting them from Tornado .... I am looking at some wheel and tyres deals . at a few places ... Hope you got to Le Mans with no problems ....

    Thanks m8 John..
    Lovely car and I really like what you are doing with the suspension Andy.
    Can you tell me which ball joints you are using and have you machined the fittings yourself.
    I have been looking for weld in mounts for sometime and I can only find them stateside.
    Hello, if you still have a aluminum grill set left, I am interested in one. Please message me back or call me in Texas, USA at: 512.565.9096. Thanks...Gregg
    Thanks Andy, I would appreciate your advice. I am out for the next few days, sea fishing and the Festival of Speed but I will give you a ring next week and probably come over.

    Andy, just one thing, I understand that when buying a kit from Tornado Sports you get a booklet or manual, but they don´t send it out until you have made the inicial payment. I wouldn´t like to do anything wrong, or put you in any unconfortable situation with this, but I would like to ask if you could consider sending me an e-mail with it. I´ll still have to keep saving up for a couple of years before I can buy the kit itself, but I have no or very little knowledge on building a car like this (or any other car for that matter, lol!!) and like time to properlly prepare for it. I also don´t know what sort of tools or hardware I will need so, again, the time could help me a lot. But again, if you fell like I am crossing out some boundaries, just let me know and I won´t do it again. Thanks anyway
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