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  • Hi, I'm building an SPF and really need a photo of the location of the door lock plate because my doors are new without cutouts and I need some reference points, would you be able to send a pic of this part of your car? thanks

    Sorry, I just noticed this post, I guess I missed the notification.......

    Yes, I have a standard SPF, with Avon CR6 22.

    The fronts are: 215/60R15 94v
    Rears are: 295/50R15 106V

    These are my second set and I think they are great tires. They cost a little more than some, but I really think they are worth it.

    They seem to have just the right look and although they are fairly sticky (they pick up rocks), but I got great mileage.

    I recently added the large Avon lettering, pained using the Raceline stencels, I think they look great!

    Let me know if you have any other questions,

    Chers, Jim
    Hi Jim, I was browsing threads on Avon fitment and saw you mount them on your SPF. Can you please forward the size you bought, assuming they're CR6ZZ. I recently purchased P2091R from Pathfinder and the Blue Streaks currently on the car are due to be replaced. I'm also assuming you're SPF is not wide body but standard rear hips like mine.

    Much appreciated,

    Tim Kay
    Wow, you are a busy guy on this forum. I just started helping with a track car build. If you ever want some company riding in your SLC, I'd love to go for a ride in one. I'm in San Jose. Thanks.
    Jim, I'm here ready to fire Moral Missiles at Radical Republicans for ya! :) . Take care pal, and keep beating your drum :)
    Creep, you have suddenly become quiet and started to dodge the issues infront of your face. Starting to become unsure of the ground you walk on ?
    Hello Jim,
    I was at a Brands Hatch public testing day many years ago and Mark Konig was there with a 250lm. He asked me about bleeding the brakes so I gave him a hand and they were a little bit better but not a lot. After that I bumped into him a few times and when he had the Nomad built I saw it at the B.O.A.C 6 hours ( along with the Chapperal, P4s and the rest of the mouth watering cars). I am not sure how many mark ones were built I think only 1. Sadly it did not finish.
    Barry Adams
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