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    Dusty's SLC Build

    Dusty, hard to say from your pics but you really need some kind of vibration damper to the tank. I have mine laying on 10 mm of foam/rubber and the same on every mount. It’s not advisable to just screw it to the frame. You will most likely have have a leak.
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    YAHB (Yet another hopeful builder)

    Jeff, When it comes to RCR parking brake it was just not enough clamping force to pass inspection here in EU, I don’t know about the E-Stop. I went with the Tesla EPB and bought a controller online, very efficient as parking brake not to be used above 10-15 km/h. That is not an emergency brake...
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    Steering u joint

    Anyone have a clue of the diameter and spline count of both the steering column and the rack as delivered with SLC and the GTR?
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    Scandinavian SL-C build

    Time for an update. Body is now off for paint and upholstery so I made some improvement. First out was a speed input to the ECU. I used the inductive sender on the Graz (on the aft left side), first I thought it was a VSS but it turned out to be sender used for shift signal on auto transmission...
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  7. Swede SL-C

    Swede SL-C

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    Proper torque for C4 Stub axles

    Joel, I would say 250ft/lb. I recall that I had to borrow a larger torque wrench, my own ”big one” only goes up to 220ft/lb (300Nm), so 250 makes sense.
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    Graziano VSS

    Anyone know the pin out on the vss? I just assume it’s a VSS on the far rear LH side on the Graz and that it is a inductive sender since it’s a two wire sender. I’m trying to get a speed input on the Holley ecu to modulate the cooling fan speed.
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    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Nice job, Joel. Looks great.
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Kyle, it’s a couple of years since I wired my car but if I’m not mistaken the High and Low beam are a ground output. Maybe someone else can shime in and confirm. (That’s on the Olds column)