Honest RCC review


Don’t know who’s admin for this site, but if isn’t Fran, I can only say I’m seriously pissed. I have been so screwed on delelivery time (both on the SL-C and GT-R but it’ok) and not delivered parts.. Still waiting on steering rack for the GT-R . My GT-R ordered March 2021, still no rack. After about 20 phone calls the last 8 months with dear promises no rack.
Guess I’m not the only one waiting.

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Johan Tyrsing

Anyone else who dares?
As we have and continue, to communicate with everyone, not always via phone but email too, there are no shortcuts in getting new suppliers up to speed and custom parts made.
We have had false starts from vendors that say "yeah we can do that" only to find that, in fact, they cannot.

We recently waited 20 months for a container load of wheels...we finally got them and have been shipping them out as quickly as possible. whilst waiting for said wheels we shipped customers kits/cars on roller wheels that we purchased to enable projects to continue moving forward

We offer refunds to customers if they chose to go their own route.
It's not in anyone's best interest for us to not ship parts to customers...we bust out butts on a daily basis.So why would we "hold out ' on not shipping components if we had them ???

Nothing to hide here !!!
Any component car mfg has these issues, they are unfortunately much more common as of late thanks to .gov management of COVID. Friend of mine was promised his Ultima RS kit last October, latest update is March. Don't hold your breath.

GM planned 40,000 C8 Corvettes for 2020, managed to produce just half that number...

Howard Jones

I am building a new motor for my SLC. I waited for 6 months for the Dart block, 8 for the AFR heads, 2 months for the crank and rods, and now it's gonna be at least 30-45 days to get the custom ground cam back. It's a good thing I started ordering parts nearly a year ago to have the motor ready for spring 2023. Gonna be close.

RCR can't stock everything it takes to build a car and then wait until they get an order. You wouldn't have bought the car at that cost/price. NOBODY has done that in any industry for years. I know it's a difficult thing to absorb but things are screwed up in this country. It's not Fran's fault.

RCR isn't perfect and I'm not defending Fran. This is the nature of the hot rod business today. Order and wait. The lesson is to order well in advance of need where you can.

Steven Lobel

Just wait. You will get all the stuff you ordered. 1-2 parts will show up a few months after that. Then you will start putting things together and not liking them enough to keep. Seats, master cylinders, brake reservoir, fittings, brake lines, wiring harness, tail lights, suspension mounting points, front splitter location, etc. 2 years after you have everything and have replaced half of it to fit your car and your build, you will have a huge pile of leftovers to send back to Fran.