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  • Hello Lynn,

    Just wondering if you finished your headers. What was the crossover arrangement you used. i thought I had mine all worked out but suddenly had a panic attack that it may be wrong. assuming mine are right I have one tube crossing from each bank. I just saw a picture of a car with a 4.6 and he had 2 pipe crossing from each bank!! hhmmm.

    Hello Lynn,

    Do you have your clutch installed already? If not would it be possible to get some dimensions of the ring gear. Turns out I'm hitting brick walls just trying to find that part. I may end up having to buy new afterall.


    I see your in So Cal and building a scratch built with most of the same components as me. Where are you located? I am in San Diego and just got mine fired up the other day and starting the body now. My email is [email protected]. Send me some pics of what you have going so far and maybe we can gain some info from each other.

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