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    Two Questions About Porsche Transaxles

    2013 Boxster and 2014 Cayman use PDK
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    Newbie Question about Corvette C5 uprights

    I am using C5 suspension on my project front and rear so if there are any dimensions that you need let me know
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    Chuck and Ryan's Carbon Cub Build Blog

    Are the parts coated with some kind of corrosion coating? it seem strange to do that much assembly before applying a Zinc chromate or alodine conversion coating. all the aluminum I have used in aircraft have been coated before assembly to prevent corrosion between the parts
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    Qc4v 1650

    I see Mercruiser and Ricardo but what chassis. any one know a little about it
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    Ricardo hydraulic clutch hookup

    the clutch does not have as high a pressure as the brakes. you could run braided all the way. the clutch slippage is caused by to small a line. with a small line there is a lag time from when you let the clutch out untill the pressure bleeds of on the slave cylinder. on a hard launch the clutch...
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    McLaren replica build base on a Manta

    The inside is the least likely to be affected by corrosion it takes Oxygen to corrode stainless. the glycol keeps the oxygen from the surface of the tube. the outside is the most susceptable to corrosion even more if insulated. insulated stainless pipe should be cleaned and primed before...
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    McLaren replica build base on a Manta

    I was just look at some of your pics of the project and this is a great project keep up the good work. the picture of the cooling system pipes show some color near and around the welds it looks like you cleaned the welds with a wire brush or wire wheel or maybe not cleaned at all. in either...
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    McLaren replica build base on a Manta

    if it is 304 I am suprized it rusted. did you use fill rod om the welds? there are passavation processes that you can do your self using citric acid, it takes a little long but is is safe to do at home and Green. 10% citric acid in disstilled water for 30 minutes at 150 degree F...
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    McLaren replica build base on a Manta

    don"t panic, some stainless is magnetic. the high chrome/ nickel 300 series alloys are mostly not magnetic but a few alloys are slightly magnatic. some of the car parts makers use 409 stainless and it is magnetic, not as corrosion resistant a the 300 series but ok for cooling lines . mostly used...
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    Ford GT starter wiring

    Ijust found this so it looks like that is not it Starter Terminal Wiring Kit Ford F250SD 05 - 08 09 10 : eBay Motors (item 230462697620 end time Sep-12-10 13:07:22 PDT)
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    Ford GT starter wiring

    I found it on the online parts site. $7.74 sounds to cheap to be what we are looking for. when I buy for parts I almost always buy from Silver State Ford online. if it is listed then they will ship it. they always have the best prices of...
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    Ford GT starter wiring

    I have a small lead on the pigtail part #. there is a service part # for some ford starter terminal problems and a replacement connector pigtail that matches the Ford basic part number with the number in the Ford GT wiring book 14A280 just don't know what the basic number means. is it the...
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    Ford GT starter wiring

    there is no seperate starter solenoid in the ford GT. the battery wire goes directly from the battery to the starter and the alternator output wire is also connected to the starter terminal. for the small connector I used a 3/16" wide spade connector and filled it with silicone leaving a 6" pig...
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    Any sailor out there?

    Single man Cats are a lot of fun but with only a main sail they do not have the speed of a Cat with two or three sails.They benefit by the accelerated air between the main and jib sails. single sailed Cats come about very slow and are very hard to sail in a light wind. The F18 cat is my favorite...
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    Extreme vehicle modifications(Japan)

    they just wanted a bundle of snakes, but they did not have room under the hood so they put them on top of the hood. I guess that's a resonable idea?