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  • Chris,

    I am looking for a GLASS window for the rear clip of my RCR40, can you supply this or do you know of a source for one?


    Rick Merz
    Hi Chris,

    I know that your offer was posted a long time ago, but if I don't ask, I will never know. Do you still have the Gurney Westlake valve covers available?

    Please let me know at your convenicne.

    Kind Regards,

    actually no. I sold the cover you supplied years ago. These are new from another US source who asked me to sell some. I actually tried to get the set you supplied back for a customers build but the guy I sold them to, who will NEVER use them would not even loan them mush less sell them. I don't know what the manufacturer of these used for patterns but I did not provide them.
    message part 2 .....

    And then, I get another surprise : on N°3, you can see a yong man on left ; I'm pretty sure it's me !!...

    So, I dont hesitate to send you a message and ask you if you keep another pictures of those periods 66 & 67 "behind the scene" ....
    That's would be great and I never know how to thank you.

    Best regards.


    PS : sorry for my - poor- english and all mistakes I did in this message......
    message part 1 .....

    Hello !

    I'm J Louis from Lausanne (Switzerland).
    A few days ago, I saw by chance several pictures about FORD Racing headquarters in Le Mans during the race of 1966.
    At this time, my father was the owner of Peugeot Le Mans and agree to rent a part of the workshop during 2 weeks about in june 1966 & 1967 (in 1965 too, but downtown with less area).
    During the last 20 years, I amassed several pictures I found on book or several web sites about Peugeot le Mans pictures during the 24 hours in 1966 & 67.
    Those pictures are often in black and white, and I was so surprised to find 2 of its in color : those you transmit on GT40's website :

    (then see message part 2)......
    Hi Chris,
    I'm looking to buy a set of Gurney/Weslake vlave covers for a 427 Windsor stroker i'm having built. It will have roller rockers. Do have any sets available for purchase and if so, what is the price.
    Fred Cramer
    Hi Chriss, I am going to actively race 906-129, and I am looking to purchase a lot of spares. I have seen your blueprints, windscreen, plexi's. Thank you to post me a list of everything you have available for 906, I need a complete car in advance, but the chassis. Kind regards, Vincent [email protected]
    Hello, Chris

    I read a post where you placed preliminary drawings on a GT40 chassis; do you have those drawings available at a better resolution? Do you sell these plans? I'm really interested! My e-mail is [email protected]

    Thanks in advance!
    Hi Chris,
    We spoke together about your Porsche 908 Project a few months ago.I'm located in Brussels. You told me to contact you later...some parts from Germany had to be manufactured...How is the project going? You gave me a price list for the different parts you had...is it ppossible to build a hole car now?
    Hi Chris

    I've saw the drawings of the GT40 you posted in Kevern's thread "Help - GT40 Space Frame Drawings and Plans" back in 2008. I just wonder if you're able to email me them in better quality since I have to modify my rear and front?
    My mail is: [email protected]
    Br, Timmy

    Do you have a catalogue or list of components and prices for the parts you have available for sale.

    Im planning to build an exact chassis replica but i don't have many ref's or dimensions. I was wondering if you can help. The pictures you have on you chassis are the best I've seen. I was hopping if you can send me some flix of the chassis W/ dim's. Let me know if thats ok. I will send you my e-mail.


    regards,<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
    Hey Chris, I'll email you directly rather than here, we are not alone... the walls have eyes. Cheers

    I will send you a few clips of my prints since there are a few variations between cars as they were being built. that way I will be sure to get a good fit.
    I will have to reboot to free up memory

    Do you have a catalogue or list of components and prices for the parts you have available for sale.


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