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  • It has been a really fun car Mark. When you get back this way, shoot me a message and (assuming I have it back together) I'll give you a ride. You may also want to try to be here for Fathers' Day for the Disney CARMASTERS Weekend. It's the only car show Disney actually put on and it's a lot of fun.
    Hi Mark,
    Thought I lost your message. Turns out I got my conversation boxes mixed up with my PM INBOX. Anyway, that was me in Winter Garden. I'm in the CF Muscle Car Network and we've attended quite a few times. No doubt we chatted.
    I can't imagine a better start for an SLC project that what you have layed out.

    Unfortunately, my garage is pretty full with my '04 cobra and my '67 vert right now. My wife knows that next time we move, I will be looking for a 4+ car garage/workshop.

    The only thing about your setup I might change would be going with a Coyote or Terminator motor. Although I don't remember seeing anyone buiding one like that. :(
    Thanks Mark - you never know, my SLC may still be for sale when you're ready to take the next step!

    Dave L
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