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  • Like very much to talk with you but i must say i have no use for the motor or gauges you would not believe the things like that i have around i do have 2# custom rebuilt 500 caddy motors 1 with trans- , axles an frame ready to go under a kit car.. If you think you can sale other items with out car like to talk with you.
    Thanks Wesley 352 201 6466
    Hi Matt I`am interested in your Sabre GT40 I have been on the site just browsing for awhile and reading and learning I just finally joined the site looks like a lot of good people with a lot of knowledge to share!! anways looks like your car is very nice project! how much have you done with it snce you have purchased it? I would definetly like some more photos when you have the time I`am a real buyer and not a dreamer.
    Hey Matt:

    I'm actually in Sarasota. I'm going to PSL (Port Saint Lucie) this xmass. Could I swing by and see it? I just started a new job so I probably can't get the car just yet, but I've admired this one since Luis had it. Personally I like space frames better than mono's since the former is at least repairable.

    My regular email is [email protected]

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