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    Don's Mk IV Build

    I normally wire the fuel pump to the oil pressure switch so if something happens and I kill the engine the fuel pump gets killed as well. Normally the power is feed to the relay coil from the ignition, the earth goes to the oil pressure switch. By using a relay with change over contacts the...
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    Israel and Gaza?

    The other thing that is not publicized is the number of own goals Hamas has, well over a 100 including schools and a hospital that it then blames on Israel.
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    Carbon GT mono

    That look very good - if the designers of the GT40 had thought of it, I'm sure they would have done the same.:thumbsup: keep up the good work.
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    Anodized Chassis

    if you have ever worked on c130's the biggest cause of corrosion by the ramp area is army types relieving themselves before a static line jump. So don't pee in the car. Maurice
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    Scratch-built aluminum inboard v-drive boat

    have you been working on cars too long, you have put hand brake on the boat now:laugh:
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    The great race Bathurst

    try driving the mountain in a 1600c rental, you don't have to slow for the corners going up because you can't go fast enough and driving con rod straight at the speed limit - it takes for ever, then leap into the race machine and the whole thing takes on a new dimension, where you thought a...
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    Six Rotor Wankel for you Rotards

    double you to 12 rotors for offshore power boat racing, six down each side 12 Rotor Engine Running - YouTube
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    Six Rotor Wankel for you Rotards

    Precision Engineering - Rotary Parts more mad kiwis quad and more available as kits etc
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    2012 Ford Boss 302 Crate Engine

    for the budget conscious there is an option of MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling and Grippo ©2010 lots of shared info with may options if you are handy with soldering iron
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    Kiwi scratchbuilt

    If I did know better I would say you were baking biscuits But I will give tasting the result a miss, the finished looks very good
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    Study on effects of "inequality"

    thank you for sharing that - v.good
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    Safety wiring

    Its what you we taught to do on military aircraft 35 years ago and they were still doing when I left the airforce 14 years later. And as mention eariler you got to the point where you were removing and refitting components that you could only see with a mirror and reach with one hand, and on...
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    Safety wiring

    Always get the wire tight between the fasteners. NO try about it. If it is not tight cut it off and start again - practice makes perfect. And I do have good scars on my hands and lower arms from lock wire from where the ends have not been folded over completely it will get you when you least...
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    Safety wiring

    home built aircraft sites are a mine of information on strong light weight structures and things like lockwire
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    Same old same old

    But the lawyers giving all the advise to sue make good money