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    Any interest in starting a Facebook group?

    I would be interested too..
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    thread search function

    OK - thanks - that Thread is easy to find.. ;)
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    thread search function

    I was looking for a specific Thread too and didnt find it - it was the one where a Builder used a manial Steering-Column instead the electric one - does anyone know who it was ?
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    AMG powered SLC Build

    The Stock Oilpan of the M120 is sitting below Tarmac in the SL-C - you have to dry-sump it . The Length is approx 100mm too long for the SL-C - i had to cut out the Chassis for it and build Custom Frame-Rails . After that the Driveshafts still have a few Degrees to the Back , the Tank needs to...
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    Electrical Components

    Nice ! Thats looking like the Flux-Capacitor from "Back to the Future" ;)
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    possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

    I think theres no Problem , had much to do with VR6/R32 in the Past - and they are very compact - i binned all the Stuff i had before i move into my new Shop so i cant test / measure it . Length- and Width-wise should be no Problem - only the Height with the stock Intake can cause some Problems...
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    possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

    Thanks - going Step by Step in the right Direction... ;)
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    SL-C Sold

    I had no Problems with my SL-C , no Delay , very good Packaging , getting a detailed Packing-List with every Part photagraphed on a Stick incl. Name Table in each Pic to verify that its no random Pic . Every single Question was answered by Fran or Dean , Communication is good . Some small Parts...
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    AMG powered SLC Build

    Im using the M120 in Combination with the R8-Gearbox - i have the 3-Valve m137 here too - but its some cm longer and has a lot of Compromises - the M120 is the better Engine in my Eyes . Im Fitting it in the next few Weeks - then i see what Problems im facing beside the Length of the Engine . Im...
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    AMG powered SLC Build

    Im building an Mercedes V12 SL-C - some Major Mods are needed , its in Progress - i post some Pix when ist roughly done..
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    How soon do you need the engine during SLC build process?

    As long as you definetaly know which Engine you choose you can do a lot of Things on the Car before you need it - but i prefer to have everything together - you never know , sometimes small Things are adding to Problems when you cant test it before...
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    Superlite GTA

    I´m in the Line and would buy one as a Daily-Driver beside the SL-C .
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    New transaxles for SLC?

    Weighed the Box , its approx 100kg incl. 4WD-Shaft and Oil-Cooler-Piping .
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    Sad News out of my German "Neighbourhood" - talked to Tom a few Weeks ago regarding my SL-C Build - hope he makes a fast , full Recovery - Condolences to the Family of the Passenger..