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  • Hi Paul. What was your overall opinion on the Fibre Glass you popped along to see at that chaps house ?, can't recall his name.
    The one thing I'm likely to look around for is the best bodywork I can get my hands on. Its the one weekness of GT Forte I think. ;-(
    Hi Paul,

    I was thinking of popping along to the Stoneliegh Kit car show on the Bank Holiday weekend. (Sunday). Where are you heading to ?
    Hi Paul,

    Thanks. Feel like I have reached a milestone on the build. I've got the Ally for the panelling so that and the brake lines next on the agenda.

    Yours is looking a real peach Paul. I would love to have gone Southern, not a bad word to say about everything I've seen and heard. Going in a year early meant I had to take the more hands on approach to keep the costs of cash outlaid to a minimum offset by a more effort from my side. Actually enjoying it to date.
    Paul, I saw one of your earlier posts before your southern order on looking for pre build documentation of manuals from other suppliers. Did you have any luck as I'm trying to do the same. Thanks
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