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  • Mr. Pete,

    I give you credit for trying very diplomatically to stuff that genie back into the bottle.

    Pete, I flew from Tucson International to Ryan field (about 15 miles) landed and had breakfast and flew back. My first complete solo flight. I like flying out of Tucson because of the radio traffic between fields. Being able to handle that, I can fly to any airport and know what to say. When I got on approach at Ryan, I was a bit high, reduced throttle, lifted the nose to bleed off speed and altitude and greased the landing. On approach to Tucson, I was a little low, gave it throttle to keep speed up and made a better landing than the first. I really like flying, I may sell the car when it's done and buy/or build a plane. Are their as many freakin liberals flying planes as this car site? Take care, Al
    ciao Pete! yep..all ok here, have a look at my discussion into spf section.
    I post a little less in this period cause I have a new incredible drug I love too much. Sailing.
    I dunno really why in all these years i never learned it well, is never too late my now I am deeply inside this thing!

    Here is summer, in summer time i get a new life by the sea (I am actually living in a surfers and sailor paradise since some weeks).
    Hope one day I will be able to sail as Australians and nz do pete! :):)...but is surely a long way!

    Ciao amico
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