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    Roaring Forties Sold

    Hi Kyle, sorry no - we have only ever supported Ford engines, although any modern engine, properly tuned with the correct cats will get through unless there is a mechanical issue.
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    Roaring Forties Sold

    Hi Ryan yes we still have APS Engineering and will still be doing certification work including RF40s
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    Roaring Forties Sold

    We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Roaring Forties by Beak Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd with whom we have been working closely to ensure a smooth transition. We wish the team all the best in their new venture and we will continue to support them in an engineering and...
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    Jason's Coyote Powered RCR40 Downunder

    To avoid confusion, this inlet manifold which is an absolute work of art, is all credit to the guys at InnoV8 ( - while we are proud to be associated and a distributor for them, all credit goes to them for the design, manufacture and supply of this manifold. regards Paul RF
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    RF #12 "Race" Chassis

    We have certified 8 stack 302s in both Vic and SA recently following an emissions test - has something changed in WA ?
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    Has anyone destroyed a 01E in their GT40?

    And that case had been ground out to within 1mm of the diff flange mounting bolts to clear the old clutch. We have O1E's running behind several supercharged 5.4s without dramas, I think people are still confusing O1E with 016. cheers PB
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    Hi from South Australia

    Welcome Bill and thanks guys, looking forward to working with you on this project Bill !
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    new bloke

    Thanks Andrew, yes I'm well aware of Chris' exploits, he has kindly hosted us at his house and shown off the various vehicles he has been/is creating. cheers PB
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    new bloke

    Welcome Chris, I'm sure you'll own one one day !
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    This 01E a "good" one to get?

    I'd agree with these comments relative to O16 5 Speeds but not O1E 6 Speeds, they are a vastly different animal and we just haven't had any dramas with them, even behind supercharged 5.4's with lots of torque. Speak to Scott who's clients run them in some pretty modified vehicles.
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    RF Fuel Senders Needed

    Hi Wally, we used to buy the Smiths sender units under p/n SM-BF2242-00C but that was a long time ago, we changed over to VDO. I hope you can find a local source for these if not send us a note and I'll see if we can get some arranged. regards Paul
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    Coyote 5.0 Litre with 8 stack injectors at 8200 rpm

    Thanks Tony, will keep you posted, .:: INNOV8 RACING ENGINES ::.
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    Sorry Roger, I was trying to give you guys a plug but it seems I made it harder for them to find...

    Sorry Roger, I was trying to give you guys a plug but it seems I made it harder for them to find you !
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    Coyote 5.0 Litre with 8 stack injectors at 8200 rpm

    The very same system from the same guys (Innov8 racing) in the back of our RF demo car but with verticle trumpets - this is a masterpiece of an inlet. cheers PB
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    Hi, From Australia

    Welcome Tristan, good to see you on here, now lets add to your classic Ford collection.... cheers PB