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  • Dave: where is your SLC build thread? I've looked all over and can't find it. Either it is well hidden or I must learn to read English. Thanks! Les :-)
    That is the only pic I have that shows anything significant on the rear clip of that car.
    Hey Dave,
    You have any more pic's of the rear window/engine cover ? From what I can see it look great, needing to do someof the same on my SL-C.
    Thanks, Joe
    Hey Dave,

    I know you and I have gone back and forth about rotaries quite a bit and we tend to have a little different view about them, but I thought I would just let you know privately that the crew cheif I used to work for just put together a rotary that KILLED the rest of the field at the SCCA runoffs in GT3. He told me he took the car to a new chassis dyno guy right before the runoffs and they picked up a bunch of low end torque as well as adding 18(!) HP. If you would like any contact info, I can forward that to you. The builder doesn't really do any retail sales or anything, but you may want to have a talk with him, and I'm sure he would tell you who tuned it.

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