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    SLC 001 Build

    Mesa - you're car looks amazing! Congrats and a ton of respect for the level of detail and commitment it took to complete.
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    SLC Build Thread-Chassis #53

    I never realized I didn't post pics of it finished. I added one with my Turbo S - it really shows the size difference:
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    SLC scores big at Concours of America

    It was a great show and an honor to be invited. It was nice to hang out with Will, Fran, and other friends too.
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    Yos' SLC Build Thread

    Love the video- it sounds awesome! Good luck with it.
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    Disappearing thread

    Your next kit Fran? :idea:
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    SLC picture thread

    Well...what do you expect for an asking price of $165k?
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    Sway bar mounting / pics?

    I didn't want to completely unwrap it but this should give you an idea: They are for sale as well.
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    Ken's SLC build thread

    Ditto... Ken- your mods are very well thought out and executed. Thanks for sharing.
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    SLC Build Thread-Chassis #53

    Thanks Matt! I can't wait for the weather to break to drive it more and maybe go to a show. I spoke with Allan and we're going to drag him out of the garage for some driving and show weekends come spring.
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    Sway bar mounting / pics?

    It's in storage at the shop, but I'll get some pics and posted them up the next time I'm there.
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    SLC Build Thread-Chassis #53

    Thanks guys. Troy- those are billet aluminum vents from vintage air.
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    SLC Build Thread-Chassis #53

    After 4 years of building, not being satisfied and starting/redoing the build over, 5 pair of seats, etc, etc, my car is juuuuuust about finished. The main things open: 1) Reupholster steering wheel to match Alcantara. 2) Install the Nardi shift knob (I have 2 to try out). Stephen, Barry...
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    Sway bar mounting / pics?

    I've got a set of street sway bars from Fran with the mounts for sale I can take pictures of but no pictures mounted unfortunately.