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  • Hello:
    I am looking at a Unic lift. I would love to see some pics of yours and some comments on how usable it really is.
    Happy New Year Rob, I purchased a unic strongman on e-bay and will go pick it up next week in Connectic I am driving up from Miami. Do you know the weight so I can calculate if my utility trailer will hold it?? My direct e-mail [email protected]
    Rob, I have a UNIC lift as you do and would like to beg, borrow, or steal a rebuild kit for the hydraulics. To begin with, you have saved me a lot of research time finding that they are no longer in business. Some time in past 10 years I did get a user manual from them. My question is, do you have any idea where I can obtain a rebuild kit for my lift? I would appreciate any advice or information you can give me on my problem. Thanks, Steve
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