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    ZF on Ebay

    Just stumbled across this...thought I'd post it: 1975 ZF-2
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    Doug's RCR

    Congratulations Doug, I chose the natural aluminum. The only down side was scratches showed. The scotch brite finish would permit you to re-scuff areas to keep the finish uniform. With that said, the next one will be powder coated. about some pics of the stang...!! :thumbsup:
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    INtake Vent line

    I agree.....smaller is better. You want air to move through it, but minimal amounts of coolant. I'd say either mentioned would do the job.....I would view them both as "small".
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    ZF Fluid type and quantity

    Hey Chuck, I've heard others also complain about leaks. However, I think if it is put together with care, there should be no issues. I've been told not to use sealer, however I didn't listen to this advise. When the unit was stripped down, I cleaned all the mating surfaces very carefully...
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    ZF Fluid type and quantity

    Hi Chuck, Per Lloyd @ RBT, 3qts with no friction modifier additives was the response when I asked a couple years ago. I used good ole fashioned 80/90 in mine (well.....what was mine... ;-) Did some google searches... you may find this one of value: ZF reseal
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    Ciao !!

    Ciao Domenico e' benvenuto, La vostra 40 e bellissima. Ancora photos per favore.............:D
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    Howard B's RCR 40

    Cool Howard. Looks fantastic. Yep....good mental health accomplishment. :)
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    I did it! I did it! Its on Order!

    Congrats Marc, Looking forward to seeing the build progress.
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    J. Salmon RCR-40 Build

    J, Looking fanstastic man! Just thought I'd chime in and let you know that I too believe in teflon for NPT. I used tape in the joint in question (90º elbow into cal) on my Wilwoods. No leaks.
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    massa crash slow mo review

    Now that sucks..... looks like he was out cold after debris impact. Watch his head movements. video
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    Dutton's RCR40 Build Thread

    Looking great Tim. Can't wait to see some sun shine pics..or maybe some video....:D
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    Well done Tom. I know you busted you ass to get there. The car looks great, as did the presentation of it. Congratulations.
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    Toms RCR 40 Trackracer

    Fantastic Tom. She looks stunning!! :thumbsup: Best of luck with the car show.
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    Toms RCR 40 Trackracer

    Awesome Tom! Looks great. The body symmetry looks fantastic.
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    Nemesis testing report.

    Oh...come on Mark! That is ridiculous...! You can't do that man......:furious: So, how long do we have to wait....?