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    Why des it take so long for some builders?

    and i didn't see any fabrication.....i'm buying a tractor!
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    GT40 Tail Lights

    they look the same as opel manta a series rear lights.
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    New Member - Hello

    well, that's one of the best "new member" posts i've read in a while!!!
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    Haynes GT40 workshop manual

    or with the completion of a build....always a few years later than anticipated!
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    Spax shock parts

    i need to pop down.....
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    Spax shock parts

    so far away.....again :-(
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    Vendors / Garage Sale / Subforums

    eight sets of bundle of eight exhausts? where? who? really? cool!! ha ha! (can you see what i need?) there is no fixed rule to cover this...and where does the "hobby manufacturer stand when he is genuinly making more to help someone out, and not make profit? i have experienced the helpfulness of...
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    Christmas present - FREE

    hey this still there?
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    GT40 KVA Replica Ford 302 V8

    rather cheap at the moment!!
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    SLC in Chicago Sept.10-15th

    what a great comment!!!
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    MKIV J -5 Le Mans winner

    that car is fooked.....i personally don't agree with the non repair philosophy (spelling) i just want to restore the damaged bodywork......but i'm just one voice in a sea of different's 20 miles from my bodyshop atm....jesus, i'd do this for free!!! leave the race damage but sort...
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    MKIV J -5 Le Mans winner

    i did see screen damage being taped, and was told it was not being replaced, just trying to stop the crack was quite bad!
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    Goodwood Revival 2012

    i was there on sunday, got mechanic pass off my mate who was looking after the "birdcage" and a couple of others, including the blue gt. i was able to spend the day on the pit was great!!
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    RCR MK2 Widebody

    i really like that!!
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    GTD lowering engine mounts

    sorry malcolm, newley self employed and forgetting loads of things!! starting a business takes a lot of concentration, something comes in my brain....something falls out!