1. Hendrickx Paul

    a little bit more than an 1/4mile sprint

    enjoy...... The 919 Tribute Tour: On-board record lap, Nordschleife. - YouTube paul
  2. Z

    Another new guy

    Hi my name is Zach, I live in Redlands, CA. I am very interested getting into a GT40 replica. I have loved them since I was a kid when I saw them at Pebble Beach Concours d'elegance (I think ford was the feature auto maker that year). I have been reading everything I can on this forum and...
  3. G

    SPF exhaust

    Has anyone taken the cans off the exhaust and taken the guts out? I'd like to get a bit more unmuffled sound out of the snakes.
  4. K

    John Nicholson

    I was very shocked to hear that John Nicholson passed away today. For those that do not know him he was the Nicholson in Nicholson McLaren probably the foremost DFV builder of his day and beyond. Like many Kiwis, John was an extraordinary engine builder and he could name many of the top F1 teams...
  5. N

    GT40's at Manchester Classic Car Show

    Pictures and videos of the Northern Section GT40 Enthusiasts Club, taken on a phone so quality a bit iffy so turn up the sound ;) 002 - YouTube 003 - YouTube
  6. J

    Hello from South Ogden, UT

    Hi folks, I figured I'd sign up so that I could enjoy the pictures and ask the occasional question here and there while I plan- and dream- about building my first kit car. Yep, another dreamer, so I'll keep my input to a minimum. ;) I'm primarily interested in the Nemesis, but it is a bit...