Hello from South Ogden, UT

Hi folks, I figured I'd sign up so that I could enjoy the pictures and ask the occasional question here and there while I plan- and dream- about building my first kit car. Yep, another dreamer, so I'll keep my input to a minimum. ;)

I'm primarily interested in the Nemesis, but it is a bit discouraging the lack of web presence the car has, especially after the upgrades to the suspension and driveline since the initial release. Maybe those that have built them are too busy enjoying them to post up? Either way, I'm hoping I'll find a person or two on here that's seen one through to completion with the VW driveline. And hey, if you've built one or know someone that has, please drop me a line; I'd love to talk and pick your brain.

A little bit about me:

I'm 39, have been turning wrenches since my dad first brought me out into the shop when I was about ten, was an ASE master tech, hold an A&P license, played with explosives in the military for a while, and am currently a C-130 electrician at the depot at Hill AFB. In my spare time, I hardboot snowboard, recreationally fly fixed wing and get just enough rotorcraft time to stay current, play guitar, pretend I can cook, and fool around with motorcycles.

Being in Northern UT, I'm an hourish away from Utah Motorsports Campus- formerly known as Miller Motorsports Park. However, the fate of the track is up in the air at this point, so there's a good chance I'll register the Nemesis for the street because I mean, why not...?

Anyway, like I said- I'm just a dreamer at this point, so go easy on me and I'll stay out of the way. I look forward to expanding my knowledge while I'm here and sharing what I know when appropriate.

Dave Hood

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I didn't know that the track at Utah Motorsports Campus was potentially going to close. The museum there has the best collection of GT40s and Cobras I've seen.

Welcome to the forum. Go ahead & ask questions, like most car guys we like to talk about them nearly as much as building or driving them. The future starts with a dream so go big.
Gentlemen, thank you for the warm welcome.

Dave, I'm not sure how much of the backstory you know, so I won't bore you with the details unless you're unfamiliar and are interested, but it's been up in the air since the Millers declined to renew the lease in October 2015. I'm a bit out of touch with the current standing of the UMC drama, but the general story last I heard about four or five months ago, was that Tooele County was basically washing their hands of it, that Geely backed out, and that Andrew Cartwright is still pursuing the purchase of and the development of the property. Fortunately, Utah has some pretty easy-to-navigate motor vehicle laws and requirements, so plating a Nemesis is as simple as throwing some lights at it, filling out a couple forms and documenting the source for the parts, an inspection or two and you're good to go. I mean hell, they even let people plate those UTV/side by side things.

Mike, I'd considered an SLC or even a GTM, but I don't feel that the additional cost of those kits over the Nemesis would result in a proportionate increase of enjoyment. That's not to say that I don't appreciate their achingly gorgeous lines. Truthfully though, if I were to buy a car for the looks over the performance, it'd probably be a '12+ Jaguar XK-R, but that's not even on the same plane of existence as these kits.
Welcome to the GT40 forum. You will find many owners of these iconic automobiles on the site. Many have purchased their GT40 from manufactures like Superformance, CAV, and other manufactures in Europe and the US. Other gifted GT40 owners have built from blueprints their own handmade automobiles. I'm always amazed and envious of the skill level of the members. You will also find several detailed pictorial construction series by members during the build of their GT40s. I have seen 2 MKIVs
up close that were constructed using the materials used back in the late 60s. Just pure handcrafted artwork of the GT40 chassis. Once again welcome to the GT40 site.