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Hi my name is Zach, I live in Redlands, CA. I am very interested getting into a GT40 replica. I have loved them since I was a kid when I saw them at Pebble Beach Concours d'elegance (I think ford was the feature auto maker that year).

I have been reading everything I can on this forum and read through a bunch of builds. A bit daunting no doubt. I have loved cars and worked on them for years but I am not a mechanic or fabricator! My first car was an Alfa GTV6. Then an Alfa 164s. That car was stolen and burned. Best thing to ever happen car wise. I took insurance money and bought an e30 M3. Along the way I "inherited" (rescued from my uncles garage) a 67 mini cooper S that had been sitting for 15 years. I still have the M3 and Mini but I think they need the company of a new project.

Still trying to determine the best way to go. I live near the Irvine SPF dealer but probably need to do it a bit more economical.

Looking forward to learning more about these cars and all that goes into them.

Zach Hadley
I have learned a ton from the great folks here. This site is gold! I live in California as well. I purchased a car that was running with a great engine, frame, body, and am making the car better 1 week at a time!
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