1. D

    Quick Lift Template

    Does anyone have templates for the rear (and if possible front) quick lift brackets? I see people have in the past PM'd them but I do not see them in the forum somewhere. It would be cool if we had a file repository for brackets and parts that you are willing to share. I have been making...
  2. KENS80V

    GT-R bulkhead setback angle.

    Could anybody with a GT-R tell me what angle the bulkhead between the engine and passenger compartment is. I want to make some brackets for a coolant expansion tank and other items to mount to the upper wall. It looks to be approximately 100 degrees from horizontal.
  3. N

    Front Sway Bar Brackets

    I’m using a C5 Corvette suspension and sway bar. The brackets for the sway bar are large and only allow me to mount them in one place. My concern is that they are too close together to allow proper performance. My only option would be to find smaller brackets and mount them farther out...
  4. lobelsteve

    LS7 with Dailey dry sump- AC compressor mount?

    No luck with existing brackets via web search. Talked to Kwik. Might have something that works with Sanden 5 compressor but not mini compressor that comes with Vintage Air kit. I just received a set of Dave's Unlimited brackets which do not fit. Option 1: Use R4 or 508 series compressor...
  5. I

    Making Brackets?

    While waiting on my SLC to get put built from RCR, I'm starting to stock up on things I can use and it seems that one thing I'll be making a good bit of, is brackets. I came across this when looking for metal brakes at Woodward Fab, it seems pretty ideal and exactly what would be great to...