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    You are invited ....

    OK, I know there is a Jaguar bias and many of you live outside the UK, but GT40 forum subscribers are invited to see & hear "The 13" and other classic racecars - including examples of Jaguar's iconic cars as they circulate round Curborough's small and friendly Sprint Circuit in Staffordshire...
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    Wanna hear the sound a Jag 1964 prototype quad-cam makes when poked with a stick?

    We woke my original 1964 quad-cam prototype V12 engine yesterday. 50 years ago Jaguar's No.1 engine was started by Jim Eastick in the presence of the late William Heynes (Jaguar's Engineering Director). Yesterday, the same man - Jim Eastick - started the No.2 engine in the presence of Jonathan...
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    Are those race-ready GT40s shivering in their boots yet?

    Come and share the dream :)
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    Lynx Motors - Fire Sale!

    The online store is now open for business - first come, first-served! Lynx Motors International - Disposal of Assets Not a whole lot of GT40 items but perhaps of more general interest. Neville
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    Quad-Cam XJ13 - short video

    A few more steps towards the dream of seeing my XJ13 recreation on a track and nibbling at the heels of a GT40 .... Jaguar XJ13 - Building The Legend
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    Lynx Motors International - PREVIEW

    Only a little GT40 content but I thought there may be enough interest amongst you all to post here. In conjunction with "Building the Legend Limited", the owners of LYNX have decided with some regret to cease production of these rare and beautiful cars. Whilst the cost of manufacture is a key...
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    Jaguar XJ13 - Building The Legend Limited

    As we begin putting the finishing touches to our unique recreation of the original 1966 Jaguar XJ13 Le Mans Prototype, we find ourselves in the position where we are ready to follow on with additional cars. The intention is to produce a limited run of authentic replicas which celebrate the...
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    1967 - GT40 vs Jaguar XJ13

    Would Jaguar's XJ13 have seen off the Mk IV GT40 at Le Mans in 1967 if the commitment had been there from Jaguar? In my opinion? Yes. Let me explain ... Original XJ13 - Would it have been competitive? What do you think? By the way - anyone know what happened to the GT40...