Jaguar XJ13 - Building The Legend Limited

As we begin putting the finishing touches to our unique recreation of the original 1966 Jaguar XJ13 Le Mans Prototype, we find ourselves in the position where we are ready to follow on with additional cars. The intention is to produce a limited run of authentic replicas which celebrate the original 1966 car - as visualised by the late genius Malcolm Sayer.

These cars are serious "toolroom copies" with fastidious attention to detail. They are unique recreations making reference to painstakingly-researched and original data. Those few individuals who participated in the build in 1965/66 as well as those involved in its development have also provided invaluable assistance and guidance.

Contrary what you might hear, there are no such things as “XJ13 Blueprints” (despite certain replica manufacturer’s claims!) and I believe we are alone in having accumulated a unique set of data allowing us to produce absolutely accurate recreations of the 1966 car.

Reference to the ongoing blog pays testament to the exacting hand-built quality and thought which goes into these recreations.

The original 1966 car was almost destroyed in 1971 when it was driven at ill-advised speeds on a damaged tyre, against the instructions of Jaguar's Race Director "Lofty" England. The wreck was rebuilt in 1972/73 in a form differing from the original. Whilst it is possible to recreate the altered lines of the later car in this series of recreations, the aim is to faithfully reproduce the car's in its "pure" original form.

Whether your intention is for a race or road car, we can offer a car built to one of three stages (or tailored to your precise requirements and expertise).

Stage ONE is a rolling chassis, Stage TWO is a car with installed engine/transaxle and Stage THREE is an "on-the-button" ready-to-drive car.

Contact us for more details or even just to chat about all things "Jaguar" - it is always a pleasure to talk to fellow-enthusiasts :)

Production capacity is limited - first-come, first served!