Wanna hear the sound a Jag 1964 prototype quad-cam makes when poked with a stick?

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We woke my original 1964 quad-cam prototype V12 engine yesterday.

50 years ago Jaguar's No.1 engine was started by Jim Eastick in the presence of the late William Heynes (Jaguar's Engineering Director).

Yesterday, the same man - Jim Eastick - started the No.2 engine in the presence of Jonathan Heynes (son of William).

It was a moment which will live with me :)

The engine seemed a little grumpy after being awakened after being asleep for so long and did growl at us a bit ... it roared at us and asked, "so where are those GT40s? We have an unfinished score to settle."

I will post videos/pics etc in due course but thought you might want to hear what an angry Jag V12 sounds like

Jaguar XJ13 - Building The Legend - Jaguar's V12 wakes up


Fan bloody tastic.

Men in Sheds - World Beaters....:thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing Neville. Very much look forward to it turning a wheel in anger..
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