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    DRB GT40 owners.

    Questions for all you DRB owners out there.. What don’t you like about them after building and driving? What improvements would you make if building again? Cheers
  2. F

    GTR - not sure I belong here

    Hi all, Fran was kind enough to give me a tour of his place and the cars a while back. Not sure if I drooled more from the finished cars or the manufacturing side of things. I fear I might fall into the category of "If you need an instruction manual, you shouldn't be building one of these...
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    Pim from Holland

    Hi all, I am a bit of a strange duck here because i am not building a GT40, although i would love to. I am though building / recreating a car that uses the similar gearbox: ZF 5DS 25, namely a Lancia 037 rally carand i would love to know more about it. Would it be ok for you guys for me...
  4. B

    RCR 40 build info?

    Having to change directions and going with the GT-R over the superlite due to my height. Had been reading up on the SLC on the webpage that had all the info and tips for building one. Is there a page like this for the GT-R?
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    Glad to be here!

    Hey guys, my name is Tres and I'm new to the forum. I'm thinking about building an SLC but I've never seen one in person. Did any of you guys build this car without having seen one or did you visit Superlite Cars in person?
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    Hello from Norway

    Hi, I have been reading here for a little while and am thinking of building a GT40, probably a Tornado. I think this will be a nice project. Have not done any projects like this before but have been restoring some other old cars so in some way I have been building cars before. Right now I also...
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    New Member From N. Texas

    Hello, I've been checking this forum out for some time. Decided I better get on here and do a formal introduction. I'm from N. Texas DFW area and am currently considering the following projects. Hopefully hanging out here with some of you will push me in the right direction. Factory Five 33...