1. M

    Coffee & Cars orange county

    I've heard about the coffee & cars but never been there. Are they still doing it? Where? When? Thanks Mike
  2. B

    Any Canadian or pre 2002 cars?

    Any Canadian or pre 2002 cars for sale? (That aren't on Ebay or Craigslist or the other the main auto/classic auto websites) Just seems that the and the canadian distributor websites are both down and I imagine they are defunct. Would also be interested in just a chassis/body kit...
  3. P

    Hello Folks, new guy here

    Hello Folks, My name is Ken Montes and have just purchased my first tribute 40! I purchased it a few weeks ago after finding out the little history about it. It turns out it belonged to a seemingly cool guy on this forum "Faili". The car is back in a great home; as I have built cars since I...
  4. J

    Hello from Norway

    Hi, I have been reading here for a little while and am thinking of building a GT40, probably a Tornado. I think this will be a nice project. Have not done any projects like this before but have been restoring some other old cars so in some way I have been building cars before. Right now I also...
  5. D

    Fast Five

    There are over twenty amazing cars in the new Fast Five movie! If you could drive away with one, which would it be? Fast Five DVD & Blu-ray: Behind-The-Scenes