1. 7

    What are all the special tools I keep reading about???

    Hi, I've read a bunch on the site here. And it seems to come up a lot. What exactly are all the "special" tools that someone is going to need to build one of these cars?
  2. D

    Potential UK SL-C build

    Hi all, Seriously considering an SL-C project in the UK Built a few cars and race cars in my time - mainly Honda race and track cars recently a race Honda NSX Need a new challenge, so a V8 or V10 (Audi V8/10 or Mas/Fer F136 powered) SL-C fits the bill Hoping to find another UK SL-C owner...
  3. S

    Hello to all

    Must admit the GT40 has always been a icon and until recently had considered a recreation. A Porsche 906 set of panels came around and i was directed to a thread on here which is of a 910 build. Having read the thread which is fascinating and then surfing the rest of the forum i am...
  4. S

    December 2017 'Fortyfication'

    I've just received the latest 'Fortyfication' magazine ....... stupendous round of applause to Editor, John Allen. A fantastic job. This is his last issue as Editor and he deserves huge thanks from everyone in the Club for the role he has performed. Tony Hunt set the bar at a very good level and...
  5. W

    Argyll Festival of Performance club display and free tickets.

    A friend is getting together a group of cars for a 'club stand' at the Argyll Festival of Performance on 2nd and 3rd June 2018. Based on the Cobra Drivers Club format of GT40s , Cobras and Sunbeam Tigers, if anyone is interested in bringing their car, staying for the weekend with free entry to...
  6. P

    GTD wiper arm needed

    Hello folks! I am missing the wiper arm for my GTD40 might someone know what arm was used on these cars? Thanks in advance!
  7. N

    New Guy From Westchester New York

    Hi everyone, I’m thinking about getting into building a gt40. I have a line on an Active Power Cars frame and I may take a shot. I’ve restored muscle cars, built motors and I’ve owned Porsche’s and a Corvette. I’m not rich, but I’m also not in a hurry. I want a project. I’m 59 years old...
  8. Callaghan

    2x2 and the GrapVine

    I have crazy luck... sometimes bad, sometimes good. I suppose better than no luck. Driving over the Grapevine on the 5 Northbound I tried to go around some fellow motorists. As you all know these cars have their own gravity. As in attracting satellite cars hovering with cellphones plastered to...
  9. 5

    Electric cars, in a nutshell...

    This is the basic truth about electric cars that left-wing environmental nuts can’t seem to understand....
  10. Yuji Yamada

    TRICO wiper motor

    Hi, My wiper motor is out of work and looking for the replacement. I’d like to keep the wiper linkage as is, I.e. GTD standard wiper linkage, so need to find the equivalent motor to original TRICO 532348/-/Z. Thus, it’ll be appreciated if anyone could let me know any production cars having...
  11. N

    Can you name these cars at

    Must admit never heard of 2 of them, although one I should have. Not for you Mike you were there, although you may have to remind me of the red ones name:)
  12. M

    Mike's Build

    Haven't been the best poster of information on any of my former projects, but going to give this one a shot. It would be nice to have a photo history of the build - I don't tend to be good at keeping up with pictures either so maybe this will force me to do it. I have been modifying cars and...
  13. K


    Hi, I am a dealer in Classic Cars with offices in Johannesburg & Dubai.
  14. F

    T70 Video

    Here is a link to footage of my RCR Lola T70 taken at a recent Portland Cars & Coffee (World of Speed Museum). Lola T70 Replica In Detail - YouTube So far, so good. Car runs well, nothing has fallen off. Stays fairly cool even in traffic. BTW...I am working on an extensive collection...
  15. P

    A new SLC is hitting the streets & Tracks

    Where to start? OK, the beginning. Since I was a little kid I have loved (and worked on ) cars. As an adult I have almost always had "a project" car to keep me busy. I got into drag racing for a while and then about 10 years ago (thankfully) I found track driving. Since then I have been...
  16. V

    Street Aero inspiration...

    Praga...... My attempt to inspire a road legal Aero! Praga R1R - as extreme as road cars get | evo REVIEWS - YouTube
  17. R

    Originals brake specification and development

    I am trying to find out some details about the original brake system specifications and the like. Tyring to spec my replica in the spirit of the original to some extent.During the course of the search I have been unable to determine what the disc sizes are, so I guess the next interesting...
  18. Stephen Ducker

    Sir John Whitmore

    Hello, More bad news I'm afraid, John passed away last month. I don't think anyone has mentioned it on here, apologies if they have & I missed it. John, as I'm sure most of you will know, was part of the GT40 story in the early years & as well as testing, raced the early cars, including...
  19. J

    Can Am cars at Long Beach Grand Prix

    Well it's taken me a while to start this thread but here we are. What an exciting event and what a great way to get vintage racing into the forefront at a race that may not attract the typical crusty vintage racing fan. Since the Toyota Celebrity Race has been nixed, the organizers did the right...
  20. Dave Hood

    GT40 #1046 on Chasing Classic Cars

    Tonight's episode on Chasing Classic Cars features #1046, the MKII car that won LeMans in 1966. The car is currently owned by RK Motors in Charlotte. RK Motors - GT40 P/1046 The show begins at 9:00pm Eastern on the Velocity Channel.