1. Joystick


    For your information. Many of you on this forum might already know this but I didn`t. If you change your ECU to an aftermarket or buy an engine and ECU that doesn`t "belong" together there is a chance that they are not synchronized together. The same goes for if you for some reason change the...
  2. D

    Coyote engine

    As many of you know, my coyote engine in my GTR locked up on the dyno at Comp Cams when they were building the electrical harness. I sent the engine back to Ford for inspection and found the problem to be the Derale adaptor was to restrictive to feed oil to the engine. So I have it back and it...
  3. D

    Engine problems

    Hi Guys, I am building a GT40 using the Modular Mustang engine 4.6 liter with a single overhead cam. I am using an Emerald M3D K6 ECU, I have it connected and put in the various configurations including the Throttle pot. Now the Red light is staying on at the ECU, instead of going to green...
  4. S

    Flat Plane Crank Engine

    I have been in contact with a gentleman that has been working on a flat plane crank kit for v8s. Im not sure if it is legit or not. It is way way out of my engine budget price range. I thought maybe it's not for others. It is called SCG's Flat Fast Technology. He has a few youtube videos...
  5. R

    Weber Throttle Linkage

    Gents, I am about to go from a single 4 barrel to 48 IDFs. I would like to see any pictures of your set-ups and more specifically any bell crank arrangements. My current cable runs straight down the passenger side of the current set up. I am hoping I do not have to change my cable, so the...
  6. W

    331 stroker on 8 stack ITBs

    Hi All, I am having an engine built by Chris Smith at Devon Racing and was hoping that someone may have experience with an engine to a similar specification. Does the specification look like a good combination of components and how much BHP and torque might the engine make? Induction system is...
  7. glloyd

    Crank angles

    Does anyone know what the crank angle at BDC on the intake stroke is on a Ford 302? It is 540 degrees for a SB Chevy (sorry about the language!) and it would be easy to assume that it is the same, but we all know what assuming does! Thanks guys