331 stroker on 8 stack ITBs

Hi All,

I am having an engine built by Chris Smith at Devon Racing and was hoping that someone may have experience with an engine to a similar specification. Does the specification look like a good combination of components and how much BHP and torque might the engine make?
Induction system is an IDA manifold pattern 8 stack EFI system running a FAST ECU.
It is a 331 stroker built into a 302 block.

Engine spec.
Steel 3.0 x 3.25 in crank
Pro street crank damper.
Forged rods
Keith black hyperutectic pistons
10 : 1 cr
All above race balanced.*
Modified pro sport cyl head 1.9 in 1.6 exh
Com cams 268xe camshaft
Comp cams roller rockers
Melling hp oil pump
Svo oil pump drive
Cloyes performance roller timing ser
Arp head studs
Arp engine bolt kit
Modified mallory distributor*
Velpro gaskets
Airtex r/h water pump
March pulley set
65 type alternator brket
Moroso front sump

Many thanks all!
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Mike Pass

A few questions...

Which block is it and what block prep has been done? Is it a roller block?
The cam gives peak power at about 5,000 rpm. Does this fit with hypereutectic pistons? I think this is a flat tappet cam and will need the right oil and very careful break in. What use will the engine get? Why not roller cam - no scuffing issues.
Why an hp oil pump?
Are the forged rods H or I section?
What do you mean by "race balance"? Is this an internal or external balance? This choice will affect the flywheel and damper balance needed.
the 331 is a good compromise between standard 302 and the 347 strokers and has a better rod angle than the 347 but more capacity than a 302.
I don't know pro sport cylinder heads. Nothing comes up when I Google it. I have heard of Pro Comp and Dart Pro 1 heads.

Rough guess 380 - 400 hp and torque

i have just recently finished my first engine build a ford 331 stroker starting from a roller block. The specs are:

ford 5.0 roller block
scat ford 331 stroker kit
forged pistons
Compression ratio 10:1
Victor jr heads
victor jr intake
Holley 750 carb
Comp cam 282hr camshaft

The engine is being broken in at the moment in my CAV GT40, so have not had it dynoed, but having spoken to a number of guys on the fordmuscle forum and from experience from my previous ford 302 engine, I should expect at least 400hp at the flywheel.

Your cam xe 268 is a milder cam and in my humble opinion I would not expect more than 350 hp.