Coyote engine

Dean Lampe

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As many of you know, my coyote engine in my GTR locked up on the dyno at Comp Cams when they were building the electrical harness. I sent the engine back to Ford for inspection and found the problem to be the Derale adaptor was to restrictive to feed oil to the engine. So I have it back and it needs a set of bearings, probably rod and mains although I don't know for sure. It will also need a crank or at least have the crank turned. A new one is only $350 so I would go that way. Anyway, it has about 6 hours on it and it is a Gen 2 Coyote. It is partially assembled but would need to be disassembled and cleaned. I can ship on your dime. I have the pallet they sent it back to me on. My zip code is 62801 and I have an XPO freight depot close.

I want $2500 for it. It will cost my about $7000 to replace it.