1. Z

    #1032 @ le mans

    Hello Vintage photos show #1032 bronze/copper having a silver band along the upper side and front glass. Simply to cut down on sun glare or something more complicated?
  2. Dan carter

    Hippo Ear Mounting?

    I see the hippo ears have a 1/8 inch "platform" on the mounting side. Is the intent to cut a hole in the side window poly for mounting, cut the platform off and mount on top of the poly, or just mount as is on top of the poly? How far forward/aft is best position for most? Thanks
  3. M

    Why did I do this?

    I recall seeing a bunch of pictures at different times of uses for the compartment immediately behind the driver in the "sponsom" (if the is the correct word). And some discussions on what was done with that space. I had made some notes, and found a cover and cut a hole and having some time...
  4. S

    ZF 4th gear breakages

    I've got a Roush 427 Windsor stroker 505hp 520ft. lbs. Twice I've broken 4th gear in my RBT, 7 years ago and now. Both times during track days. Once on a downshift, once on upshift. First time all the gear teeth were stripped off, this time just one broken tooth. Reading old posts someone said...
  5. S

    ECU Options - MoTec or Haltech

    I'm getting to the pointy end of the engine build phase, and am after some advice... ECUs: I've narrowed it down to the MoTec M150(GPR) and the Haltech Elite 2500 models. The car is running drive-by-wire throttles, it needs cam control, and it needs analogue input for sequential gear lever /...
  6. 2

    Vintage Air Demister Vent Modification

    I'm installing a Vintage Air Mini Gen II H/C evaporator in my RCR GT40 MkI. This unit has closed off demister vents which extend higher than the three AC vents. I do not intend to use the demister vents and wonder if anyone else has cut off and capped the demister vents to prevent having to...
  7. S

    Has anyone heard from Andrew Booth of ???

    I was working on some things with Andrew, he has always been a tricky man to track down due to all his commitments, however his phone has been cut and he is not replying to emails? More out of concern than anything else, has anyone heard if he is ok?
  8. M

    A door question

    For all you owners out there. I'd like to cut the roof of my Lotus Europa the way the GT40 is. They share much the same design in the doors except the roof cut out. The same head room problem getting in & out of the Lotus is I'm sure what prompted Ford to bring the door tops into the roof. The...