ECU Options - MoTec or Haltech

I'm getting to the pointy end of the engine build phase, and am after some advice...

ECUs: I've narrowed it down to the MoTec M150(GPR) and the Haltech Elite 2500 models.

The car is running drive-by-wire throttles, it needs cam control, and it needs analogue input for sequential gear lever / shift cut.

Has anyone had good / bad experiences with these units? Ease of tuning / after sales support?

Thanks in advance...
Go with the Haltech elite 2500. Great unit and dont need to pay extra to unlock features like you do with motec.

I fitted one to a 8stacked 383cui ls1 cobra earlier in the year and found support and service excellent.

I also ended up putting a 550 version on my Ralt and will probably put one on my second Ralt too.
A friend of mine is fitting the new Motec to his GT40.... says its very good, he is using fly by wire and all sorts, if you can afford Motec go that way.
Most importantly, talk to who is going to set it up and tune. You are planning on using fairly advanced features so the tuner needs to be up to speed with what they are doing and not using your car as a training / learning tool.
Ricky is right doesn't matter how much coin you spend your car runs as good as the tuner has set it up.
There you go Dave, maybe we can use that Megasquirt ecu from the TR8 after all... ;)

Thanks Ron. I have a brand new, complete MS set up that was intended for a Triumph project of mine, but was a little problematic with connectivity. Might be an earlier version, I've had it for a while.
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