1. L

    RCR MKII Build Dash Question

    Hi Everyone, The RCR MKII I got from Fran was to be a turn-key car for the previous client. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen issues the client was unable to complete the build. So I acquired the car with work already started by RCR. The client wanted the car as period correct as possible...
  2. M

    Cable install question

    I think there is something I am missing. I am trying to install the heater flap cable in the picture in the dash. It has to be connected to the heater first and the heater installed b then the dash can be installed and then the cable. I expected to drill a hole in the dash and remove the Knox...
  3. M

    Size of holes at plenum / dash interface

    Howdy. Northern climate (Minnesota) so definitely wast to have windshield defrosting available through the demister vent. The question is with the holes that go through the dash from the blower being much closer to the demister vent (through the interface between the dash and plenum) what...
  4. M

    Dash and Plenum

    I was looking at things, had imagined that the plenum would attach to the dash support and then the dashboard slip over that. Tried that with everything loose and was having fit problems (dash would not go over plenum and fit below spider). All could be solved if the spider was off and then...
  5. J

    Seats, Dash Unit and Carbon Fiber Shifter Tunnel

    With the car sold, I don't have any need for: - OEM seats (new style, standard size) - Digidash - the dash unit the SLC binnacle was designed to fit - Carbon Fiber interior shifter tunnel If interested in any of these, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks! John
  6. Silver66fb

    Dash Touch Up Paint - SPF

    Has anyone had to touch up knicks/dings in the dash. If so, what paint did you use? Thanks.