Cable install question

Mitch Krause

Silver Supporter
I think there is something I am missing. I am trying to install the heater flap cable in the picture in the dash. It has to be connected to the heater first and the heater installed b then the dash can be installed and then the cable. I expected to drill a hole in the dash and remove the Knox and push it through from the back side. The knob seems to be glued or welded to the cable. Expected a set screw or a push on knob or something. Now I am confused. What am I missing?
Sound's strange, use a hammer to remove the knob then install a new dash control sort of knob with a set screw on the stud.

I won't tell you my name.

Mitch Krause

Silver Supporter
I tried to loosen it with pliers, stopped with lots of torque as I didn't want to break it. I do like the hammer solution, that might have been where I ended up if I didn't do something different. It did not have set screw or anything else that was easy. So what I did, since it was going to mounted under the dash anyway was construct a little mounting bracket that has a slot cut for the wire. I can remove the bracket, slide the wire and sleeve in and then remount the bracket and I don't think it will be very visible that there is a slot there. I am going with that for now (picture of bracket attached). If I end up not liking the looks of this, I am going with the hammer solution and getting a new knob with a set screw. OK, I might try and really turn it hard first in case it is stuck much more than I think, but that could have the same result as a hammer.