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    Finding the GT40 Drawings - YouTube

    Finding the GT40 Drawings - YouTube
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    Original flywheel and waterpump?

    I once got drawings of original 289" flywheel (2/3 -plate clutch) from some kind person here. However, seems I lost drawings some time ago due broken PC. Search function didn`t give any real results. Ideas where to get; time to make one very soon :embarassed: Waterpump; which type pump...
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    Drawings for sbf to audi 01e transmission

    Hi there, I'm looking for drawings on engine adapterplate, flywheel and centerbearing holder to mate a smallblock ford engine with audi 01e gearbox. I know there are several suppliers out there as well. But i want to be able to make it myself with the help of tested drawings that work...
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    2005 GT40 Chassis Drawings

    Hi Members,, I am looking for help or asking for it... I would like to scratch build a GT40 2005. Looking for Chassis drawings that any one may have to share or sell. Any help would be great. [email protected] thanks
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    GT40 Chassis Drawings and data

    Hi, I have available drawings, data and build manuals for the GT40 MkI/II chassis. Visit Untitled Document for more info regards Mike.
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    Original Chassis Drawings

    I've a set of 1964 chassis drawings I purchased for my monocoque rebuild. All 250+ drawings denote FAV, some Lola Cars Ltd and are used with 1965 working amendments and transcriptions expressed on them. They are the real deal, reprinted in Imperial sizes in roughly A2/A3SS format and show...