GT40 Chassis Drawings and data

Brian Kissel

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The link worked for me. ONLY 595. euros. The site, states he is well known in all the GT40 clubs. I'll pass

Randy V

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something in this picture doesn't look quite right...

look almost like a model instead of a rear set of mbody work, the website on shows computer drawings of the chassis and suspension. No real metal picture or complete cars.

Ian Anderson

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Welcome to the forum Mike.

Great work on your web site. Please pass on my regards to Ken and Robin



Nice idea.. great site...loads of details. No complete cars because they are principally selling drawings, plans & detail.

Does no-one ever read things properly?

"Model Body" :laugh:

Do not rush to condemn - this is the real deal.

Randy said something did not look right, with the body being in white and the way it is sat there, it iss a trick on the eyes.

If you look closer you can see things that say otherwise. I did not say this to be rude or anything like that.

Even If you are only selling drawings, plans and details. It would be nice to see a completted chassis to see in real life next to the CAD drawings on your website.

Everything I have seen look good and the drawing in 3d look great. Just an Idea of putting a completed chassis on you website.

The second thing I see wrong in the nostril panel on the front body work, it is a solid panel not a single nostril which would be the second option to the double.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.

I will apologize once more, if my reply earlier was taken wrong. I should of added to my comment.
The opening for the nostril on the front clip has just not been cut out yet. (and I agree a mk2 body should sport a single nostril) All easily rectifiable with a few bucks and sweat-equity!
Just a word of caution. I purchased Mike's rolling chassis plans a while back. I was dissappointed.


Jim Rosenthal

Whatever. Having been through this, I'd rather at least start with a chassis, not have to build that, too. Starting with a chassis was hard enough.